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Effective Treatment for Gum Disease in Reno

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is painless infection of the gums that affects millions of Americans. It is an infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth and is the number one cause of tooth loss. The bacteria that cause periodontal disease have also been linked to heart disease, diabetes and preterm, low birth-weight babies. Last year Time Magazine labeled this disease the “silent killer.”
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Healthy Gums

Grant Moana Dental Offices | Gum Disease
Signs and symptoms of periodontal disease include swollen and bleeding gums, bad breath that will not go away, loose or shifting teeth, and pus under the gums.
Periodontal disease can result in serious consequences and needs to be addressed immediately. Treatment will vary depending on the progression of the disease. This can be determined through dental X-rays and an exam by your dentist and hygienist. The most effective initial treatment consists of scaling and root planing in conjunction with antibiotic treatment.